Spooky Stories for Halloween: Part Two

Creepy House by Simon Howden

Here is part two of the spooky stories for Halloween, as retold by S.E. Scholosser, author of the Spooky book series. Be sure to stay tuned for the third installment on Wednesday, as I will be telling a ghost story from my childhood. Enjoy!

Death Waltz

Johnny has it bad for Celia. He’s been stationed in Fort Union, and she is the prettiest girl there—and the most flirtatious. Right before a town dance, there is an Apache raid, and Johnny has to rush off to fight them with the other soldiers. Madly in love, he proposes to Celia on the spot. She says yes, but then Johnny doesn’t return…

Playin’ Piano

Charlie and Myrtle are married and live happily in a lighthouse. One day after attending a concert, Myrtle decides that she wants to learn how to play the piano. She gets a piano and starts practicing. Charlie puts up with it for a while, but one day something snaps inside him…

The Future

The young woman couldn’t wait to have her fortune told. Her best friend had recently gone to a local psychic, and everything had come true! So the woman has her palm read by the same fortune teller. Instead of telling her outright what is written there, the psychic gives her an envelope with her fortune written inside, to be opened when she gets home

Bloody Mary Returns

Marie’s stepmother is a terrible woman, and she is out to kill all three of her stepchildren. Determined to stay alive but unable to convince her father of Gerta’s vicious nature, Marie resorts to desperate measures…

Sifty Sifty San

There is a ghost which haunts a beautiful house on the edge of a lake. The owner brings in a professional named Sam to take care of the ghost problem. Confident of earning his keep, Sam settles in for the night. Then everything goes wrong…

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