Gluten Free Dessert: Apple Kuchen

Gluten Free Apple Kuchen

This is a heritage type recipe. My mom’s side of the family is German and Italian. Just imagine what conversations would have been like with that kind of European background (think LOUD)! I decided to look up the word Kuchen.

It means the same as our word “cake” which could apply to all kinds of things, from coffee cake to layer cakes, to Boston cream pie (really a cake), to cupcakes to even brownies.

A Kuchen is usually a dessert that has a pastry base, some type of filling and custard poured over the top. That’s exactly what this one is. A shortbread type pastry base topped with an apple cinnamon filling and vanilla custard poured over the top to finish.

Yum, yum, yum!

It’s smells heavenly right now! I just finished baking it before starting this post. I wish there was “Smell-a-vision”. I’d send it to you right away so you would be forced to stop everything you were doing and get in the kitchen to make one right now!

Easy Gluten Free Apple Kuchen

2 cups gluten free flour blend (I used Pamela’s Baking mix for this)
¼ tsp. baking powder
¾ cup sugar
½ cup butter or margarine, melted (I like butter)
1 29 oz. jar of apple slices, drained (or used home canned like I did)
1 tsp. cinnamon
3 eggs
2 6oz. containers of vanilla flavored yogurt*
½ tsp. gluten free vanilla extract
½ cup chopped nuts for garnish, if desired (I was lazy and didn’t put any on top)

*If you don’t have 2 containers of yogurt but do have a large industrial sized container, Don’t Run to The Store and Buy Small Ones! Each 6oz. container is ¾ cup of yogurt. That would mean this recipe needs 1 ½ cups of yogurt from your monster sized tub (like the one I happened to have).

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.

Place the gluten free flour, baking powder and 2Tbsp. of the sugar in a bowl and whisk together. Add in the melted butter slowly and mix until crumbs form.

Pat it evenly on the bottom and up the sides of an 8×8 or 9×9 baking pan. Top with the apple slices. Mix together the remaining sugar and the cinnamon and pour evenly over the top of the fruit.

Bake for 15 minutes.

In the same bowl, whisk together the eggs, yogurt and vanilla. When the 15 minutes are up, pull out of the oven and carefully pour the yogurt mixture over the fruit. Put bake in the oven and bake for another 40 to 50 minutes or until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean.

Makes 6 servings


PS.. Let me know if you try this one out. I would love to see photos of your most glorious desserts! Post your pics on my Facebook page so others can drool too!

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