Gluten Free Bread Disaster?

You go out to start making some bread. Ok, gluten free bread mix…check. Eggs…check…milk…check…butter or oil…check…vinegar…check.  Everything is a go. Plop the ingredients into the bread machine as instructed.

Bread dough looks a little stiff but let’s try it anyway.  I know people say you need to adjust things based on the weather, day of the week and phases of the moon, but I think I’ll just let it go and see what happens

Looking good.  Oh dear, not cooked thru. I set it on the 80 minute gluten free cycle and there’s no way it’s done.

Now, how to fix it…. Oh there’s a Bake cycle. Let’s just set this for another hour and see what happens.

Wow! Looks fabulous and it rose a lot higher too. Good. That extra hour of baking seemed to help. Time to pull it out and see what it looks like.Looks good, now let’s cut into it and see the inside.

Oh my! A complete disaster. Uncooked portions, a huge caved in area on the bottom and the edges are all brown and crisp. What a mess!
How did this happen. Probably not enough liquid. The dough was very dry for gluten free bread. Maybe the yeast in the mix wasn’t the best.
I should probably try to go with a more tried and true recipe. 

You know, sometimes even when you do everything right, it still turns out wrong. Is it really a complete disaster? Can we do nothing with this. Well, it won’t make sliced bread for toast, that’s for sure. What else to do……..

Next post, I’ll show you two things you can do with your “disaster” bread. Remember the motto…Never throw it out! It cost too much to make and you can always do something with it.


P.S. Stay tuned. Same bat time, same bat station……;)

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