Celiac Disease and Lymphoma

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Those with Celiac disease beware: not adhering strictly to a gluten free diet can have greater consequences that you might think. Lymphoma, a cancer that originates in the immune system, becomes more likely the more the digestive system deteriorates. A gluten free diet can allow the intestines to heal, thus making lymphoma less and less likely.

One two-year study examined the correlation between lymphoma risk and villous atrophy (intestinal erosion which prevents food from absorbing properly). Of the 7,625 patients with celiac disease who participated in the study, 43 percent suffered from villous atrophy. These patients were the ones who did not successfully adhere to the gluten free diet. In contrast, those who experienced mucosal healing through abstaining from gluten were at a decreased risk for lymphoma.

Basically, if you have celiac disease, don’t let your gluten free diet slide.

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