Looking on the Bright Side: Positivity and Heart Health

positive thinking

  When you feel good about yourself, you also have a better outlook on life. Many successful people have used their positive attitude to overcome difficult obstacles. You can look on the bright side too and reap the benefits of heart health. The Heart and Stress The heart is a muscle. Its job is to…

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What If I Have a Hair Dye Allergy?

hair dye allergy

  The commercials are all over television. You can wash out your gray, cover your white, enhance your color with a variety of hair dyes, rinses, and highlights. But what if you have a hair dye allergy? Are you barred from changing your look? Symptoms of Contact Dermatitis Cosmetic allergies are not uncommon. Some People…

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The Acid Ash Diet: Staying Neutral and Stone Free

cow in field

  It may not seem like it, but the internal workings of the human body are very complex. Each cell must fulfill its own role to keep everything running smoothly. One way to assist your body in this process is to use the acid ash diet. Homeostasis: A Quick Run Down To start off, the…

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The Alkaline Ash Diet: Back to the Basics

Maintaining a healthy body is linked to longevity and happiness, and the foods you eat have a role to play. Consider the alkaline ash diet. Buffering the Body The body does its best to maintain a balanced state called homeostasis. Part of this includes sustaining a normal, neutral pH factor. PH determines whether something is…

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Spooky Stories for Halloween: Part Three

House on the Hill by Simon Howden

  As promised, here is part three of spooky stories for Halloween. This particular ghost story is from my childhood, and I have reproduced it for your chilling enjoyment. Happy Halloween! The Bridge It was a black night. Wind and rain buffeted the lone farmhouse. The nearby river had washed out the bridge—the only connection…

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Spooky Stories for Halloween: Part Two

Creepy House by Simon Howden

Here is part two of the spooky stories for Halloween, as retold by S.E. Scholosser, author of the Spooky book series. Be sure to stay tuned for the third installment on Wednesday, as I will be telling a ghost story from my childhood. Enjoy! Death Waltz Johnny has it bad for Celia. He’s been stationed…

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Spooky Stories for Halloween: Part 1

spooky stories jackolantern

  With Halloween coming up, we thought that some good spooky stories would be in order. These are some of the ones that I particularly enjoyed, as retold by S.E. Scholosser, author of the Spooky book series. They would be particularly chilling if read aloud in a group setting. Enjoy! The Handshake Beautiful Polly can…

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Gluten Free Halloween: Yummy Party Appetizers

spooky brain cookies

If you are planning to throw a Halloween party, or just delight a few trick-or-treaters, these gluten free Halloween recipe ideas are sure to please! Feel free to make modifications as needed. Enjoy! Cookie Brains Ingredients: Gluten free chocolate sandwich cookies* Marzipan Food coloring Instructions: Follow the link above to make basic marzipan. Once finished,…

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The Gluten Free Diet: Healthy or Not?

All Recipes Gluten Free

There is a popular misconception of the gluten free diet running around these days. (Well, there are actually multiple misconceptions, but this article only addresses one.) It goes something like this: Gluten Free Diet=Healthy (i.e. Gluten Free Diet=Weight Loss) Not so! While those with celiac disease or gluten intolerance do feel significantly better once gluten…

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Hidden Gluten: Take the Quiz to See If You Can Find It

All Recipes Gluten Free

Do you think you know what has gluten and what doesn’t? Take our quiz to find out! If you have been living gluten free for a while, then you already know that gluten likes to be sneaky…it can pop up in the oddest of places, in the most surprising of moments. The products listed below…

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