4 Benefits of a Protein-Rich Breakfast


Breakfast is not to be underestimated, especially if that breakfast is rich with protein. There are several key benefits to eating protein first thing in the morning. These benefits range from boosting energy levels to boosting the immune system. 1. A Protein-Rich Breakfast Repairs Cells Cells are constantly dying or being damaged, and the body…

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Cod Liver Oil: Yes, It’s Good for You!

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It is common knowledge that eating fish is a healthy choice. The oils contained in fish are rich in substances that the body needs to maintain itself, such as omega-3 fatty acids. Omega-3s are healthy oils that help with brain and heart function. In order to increase your healthy fat intake, eat cold water fish…

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Help Me Relax! Mind and Body Benefits of Qigong

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  Are you looking for a relaxation technique that can change your life and health for the better? If so, you may want to consider qigong. Qigong is a Taoist yoga practice that combines the mind and body in harmony together. It literally means “life energy cultivation.” This ancient Chinese practice has many benefits for…

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5 Green Tea Health Benefits


For thousands of years, people have consumed tea for its medicinal properties, and especially green tea. There are several green tea health benefits, such as maintaining youth and vitality, decreasing stress and disease, and reducing the risk of infection. Originally discovered in China, tea is the drink of choice across the globe, second only to…

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Bedtime Relaxation Tips for Busy Moms

relaxation tea

Is there anyone busier than a mom? With homes, children, and often careers to maintain, it’s no wonder that most moms are tired all the time. But it is possible to relax and get the sleep you need with these helpful relaxation tips. The Importance of Sleep Sleep is vital. It is during sleep that…

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Surprising Pregnancy Food to Avoid

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  We’ve heard all the reports. Eating fish is good for you. Fish contains a lot of the omega-3 fatty acids that are needed for proper heart health. But, canned fish can also contain something that is not so good for you: mercury. Have you heard of mercury? It’s an element in the periodic table…

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Artificial Sweeteners: Healthy or Not?


  More and more people these days are watching what they eat. However, some of the options presented as healthy are anything but. For example, take artificial sweeteners. The label “sugar free” often falls in the “healthy” category, yet sugar replacements can do more damage than plain ole sugar. What Are Artificial Sweeteners? Artificial sweeteners…

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Have Asthma? 7 Tips for Winter Exercise

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Exercise doesn’t have to stop during the cold season.  Winter can actually help your body burn more fat due to the lower temperatures. However, for people who have asthma, extra care is required when working out in the cold. Asthma sufferers deal with respiratory problems that can compromise their ability to breathe freely. Many conditions…

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The Candida Diet: How to Starve a Yeast Infection

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  Candida: What is it? Candida albicans is a fancy name for a yeast that resides naturally in the human body in small amounts. Under normal conditions, it helps with digestion and nutrient absorption in the mouth and digestive tract. Sometimes, however, it gets out of control. Common Causes What can trigger an outbreak of…

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Bloating: Possible Causes and Cures

onion rings

  Always feeling bloated? If so, what can you do about it? Bloating can be very simple to treat, or it can be an indication of more serious problems. Here are a few different causes of bloating and what to do about it. Food Allergies Many people have a glucose or milk allergy without knowing…

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