Gluten Free Dessert: Apple Kuchen

Gluten Free Apple Kuchen

This is a heritage type recipe. My mom’s side of the family is German and Italian. Just imagine what conversations would have been like with that kind of European background (think LOUD)! I decided to look up the word Kuchen. It means the same as our word “cake” which could apply to all kinds of…

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Gluten Free Bread: what to do when it comes out bad

Gluten Free Pork Chop

Let’s see if we can “fix” our mess. First thing to do is cut it into 1/4″ cubes and dry in the oven until hard. Croutons are a great thing to have and don’t you just miss having this little crunchy bits of goodness on your salad. Take some with you in a small baggy…

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Gluten Free Bread Disaster?

You go out to start making some bread. Ok, gluten free bread mix…check. Eggs…check…milk…check…butter or oil…check…vinegar…check.  Everything is a go. Plop the ingredients into the bread machine as instructed. Bread dough looks a little stiff but let’s try it anyway.  I know people say you need to adjust things based on the weather, day of…

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Sweet Potato Corn Bread

Gluten Free Sweet Potato Corn Bread

If you are looking for something simply wonderful, you have to try this corn bread. This came out of a magazine that was sitting around the house. On the hunt for a gluten free – yeast free bread this one came up and hit me between the eyes. The sweet potatoes make a great supporting…

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Baking Basics: Butter

butter in dish

  I’ve always loved how butter brings out such a rich and melt-in-your-mouth taste to your baked goodies. Every time someone asks me how come one of my cookies or muffins tastes so much better than theirs, the first thing out of my mouth is…Did you use butter?  9 times out of 10 the answer…

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